HAZELY & ZANE (Hawaii)

  • Adora Erxia 
  • Amaru Kilohilewa
  • Austin Hansol 
  • Barrett Bruce
  • Brayden Kenzo
  • Bryan Pacifico 
  • Camden Minoru
  • Dayne Sadao 
  • Eimi Koharu 
  • Elizen Kana’ikukilakila 
  • Embree Kimiko 
  • Ethan Kala
  • Finn Ichiro 
  • Guillermo Gutierrez
  • Hazely Healani
  • Idalis Presley
  • Jai Tyler Kazumi 
  • Jaymin Michael 
  • Jolie-Ann Miho     
  • Junelyn Supnet
  • Karielle Kamaleihiwa
  • Kelly Misaki 
  • Kobejames Paliku Aimoku 
  • Laurielyn Mie Josephine
  • Leighton Keola 
  • Lopaka Thomas Alika 
  • Margaret Aini
  • Maximus Kalani 
  • Mia Bella Stormy-Anne
  • Nafisareea Rose 
  • Nevaeh Blessed
  • Ocirrus Algernon 
  • Pono Kahanamanawale’a
  • Raven John
  • Rei Lily 
  • Reyden Reotita
  • Rino Kahalaomapuana
  • Ryden Gin Tuck 
  • Sabrian Amorie
  • Santino Keoni 
  • Skylah Rhys 
  • Tasha Hina
  • Thomas Naoki
  • Ty Bryston 
  • Willah Amanda 
  • Zane Mitsue  
  • Zollie Mae 
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8 Responses to HAZELY & ZANE (Hawaii)

  1. Wow these are very mellifluous names.

    I just did Jai on my own blog, and I also recognise Kalani as a celebrity baby name. Maximus Kalani is very handsome.

    I will not forget Mia Bella Stormy-Anne in a hurry.

  2. Emily says:

    Some of these made me giggle. Ryden Gin Tuck especially. I hear Ryden the Gin Truck.

  3. Some REALLY real Hawaiian names there! Fantastic!

    And Emily, you are wicked! You just made me splurt tea all over my laptop!

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  5. Pono will be glad they saved his middle for his middle. I wouldn’t want to carry that name around as a first.

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