RED ROSE (Middle name)

Rose has to be by far the most popular name or if not, at least in the top ten.  What is interesting is what parents put before the Rose.  The choices range from the girly (Cora) , the simple (Anne), boy names for girls (Landon), & the bold (Tequila).   

Rose is a pretty middle name and goes well with a lot of names, but I would love to see Rose used more as a first name. 

Which ones are your favorite?

  • Anais Rose
  • Analina Rose
  • Anne Rose
  • Ariel Rose
  • Ava Bellarose
  • Bella Cedes Rose
  • Brandi Rose
  • Cambre Rose
  • Camielle Leita Rose
  • Cammie Rose
  • Cecilia Redrose Mary
  • Cora Rose
  • Covington Rose
  • Elisabeth-Rose Joy
  • Eloisa Rose
  • Eris Luna Rose
  • Ethney Barbara Rose
  • Goldie Rose-Alexx 
  • Hanley Rose
  • Hermione Rose
  • Hialeah Rose
  • Hope Rose
  • Imara Rose 
  • IvyRae Rose
  • Izzie Rose
  • Jade Anita Rose
  • Kimberly Odessa Rose
  • Kitana Rose
  • Kreas Rose
  • Landon Rose
  • Larkin Rose
  • Lilia Rose 
  • Lillian Elnora Rose
  • Linda Rose
  • Logan Rose LeAnn
  • Louella Rose
  • Luca Sofia Rose
  • Luna Rose
  • Maidee Rose
  • Maryellen Rose
  • MaryJane Rose
  • Merryn Rose
  • Mirabella Rose
  • Nixon Rose
  • Octavia Rose 
  • Oravahn Rose
  • Rayanna Rose
  • Renee Rose-Alyse
  • Sela Rose
  • Sessally Sunshine-Rose
  • Starr Rose
  • Stevie Rose
  • Suri Rose
  • Tani Rose
  • Tequila Rose
  • Tesla Rose
  • Theresa Rose
  • Tricia Rose Marie
  • Wrenley Rose


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10 Responses to RED ROSE (Middle name)

  1. Hermione Rose and Octavia Rose, unquestionably.

    I quite like Eris Luna Rose too — although I question the use of Eris — she is the Greek Goddess of strife, and her name means ‘strife’. It was she who started the ball (or rather, the apple) rolling that caused the Trojan War! Talk about waving a red flag at the bull of fate!

    But what I don’t understand is why if Rose is such a popular middle name choice, more people in the US don’t pick it for a first name. The contrast is really quite astonishing — Rose was only 337th last year; Rosa didn’t even make the top 500, while Rosie isn’t even in the top 1000.

    Big contrast to the UK, where Rose’s middle name use is probably comparable but Rosie is 62nd as a first name, Rose 94th, and Rosa 250th.

    Personally, I do find Rose as a middle name a bit cliché now, pretty much up there with Louise, Marie and Jane as little more than a space filler.

    I LOVE it as a first name though!

    • Names4Real says:

      That’s a good question. I guess parents were just looking for something new to replace old favorite middle names like Lynn and Anne and Rose fit the bill. It does sound pretty with a lot of names, its just way overused now (IMO).

  2. Sophia says:

    I agree, Hermione Rose and Octavia Rose are stand-out names. I like Luca Sofia Rose and Suri Rose too, but I would never use the name Suri for obvious reasons.
    My sister is Tallulah “Lulu” Rose, and other girls I know with Rose as a middle name are:
    Hazel Rose
    Hilary Rose
    Georgia Rose (X 2)
    Neko Rose
    Adelaide Rose
    Sophie Rose (X 2)
    Coco Rose
    Lalita Rose
    Ruby Rose
    Bess Rose
    Alish Rose
    Isabella Rose (X 2)
    Edith Honey-Rose

  3. I’m also a huge fan of Hermione Rose, and Cecilia Redrose Mary really appeals to me.

    Rose is a Top 100 first name here as well as in the UK; it’s a pretty name I find really appealing.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Are all of these American? I just love Hermione Rose and Octavia Rose and hope they are!

  5. Dearest says:

    I love seeing Tesla 🙂
    Eris is also fabulously bold, I like it a lot!

  6. Kate says:

    anyone else realize that Tequila Rose is a liqueur?

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