Alexander Montgomery

Ava Blayne

Bayla Alizabeth

Brice Sutherland

Brisco Jack

Cassidy Shay (girl)

Charisma Ryan

Daxter Maverick

Duncan Ryker

Ellie Neal

Elliot Westcott

Elynn Katherine

Gabriel Aubrey

Gray Marshall

Hendrix Kyle

Hudson Perry

Ira Anthony

Jaxtyn Rivers

John Power

Jonie Caroline

Kale Austin

Kellen Gustav

Kiriana Jade

Mila Natasha

Nolan Kendrick

Odelia Simone

Payson Creed (boy)

Sage Marion (girl)

Sawyer Olin

Starlee Cadence

Tayte Duane

Tieranny Adella

Titus Cash

Vivian Isabel

Xavier Ezekiel

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13 Responses to BRISCO & CHARISMA

  1. Gabriel Aubrey and Xavier Ezekiel are handsome, and I like Vivian Isabel (although it’s just a too much I in it).

    Jaxtyn is a new variant of Jackson (new to me, anyhow!)

  2. Skurinksi says:

    is Payson a boy or a girl?

    I like Odelia and Tayte a lot.

  3. Sophia says:

    Gabriel Aubrey… isn’t that the name of Halle Berry’s boyfriend or ex-boyfriend? Pretty sure it is. It’s a nice name though! My favourite names from here are Sage Marion, Vivan Isabel and Xavier Ezekiel.

  4. appellationmountain says:

    Tieranney – um, tyrany? I’ve seen Tierney and I don’t object – but even if Tieranney were my maiden name, I’d think twice before bestowing it on a child!

  5. appellationmountain says:

    Er, make that tyranny …

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