ABBANEY & CAIUS (Illinois)


Abbaney Belle

Aliana Maren

Avery Walter

Barrett Robert

Brycen Brent

Caius Maximus

Casey Denver (boy)

Collins Helene

Danay Jolynn

Dean Witt

Dylan McCormick

Elise Evette

Gabriella Marisol

Gage Coleson

Gilbert Lee

Gina Mae

Hankon Michael

Honor Nichole

James Arthur

Kelci Mahler (boy)

Kimberlee Maurie

Liam Ezra

Liberty Jane

Luca Haven

Madeline Monet

Maddux Christian

Margot Rae

Raylynn Catherine

Rory Elizabeth

Slayde Morgan

SkyAnn Kay

Wyatt Ashton

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11 Responses to ABBANEY & CAIUS (Illinois)

  1. Some nice interesting names from Illinois!

    Caius Maximus went totally Roman, James Arthur is very traditional; Casey Denver, very Western.

    Slayde Morgan and Danay Jolyon belong on your quiz as to what gender they are!

    I must confess to finding Liberty Jane very bright and breezy; I wonder if she was born around 4th of July????

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  3. I wonder whether Caius Maximus’ parents do re-enactment!

    Rory used for a girl is interesting.

    Poor Maddux faces a lifetime of saying, “no, it’s with an ‘u’ not an ‘o’!” I’m sure he’s going to thank mom and dad for that!

  4. Chelsea says:

    I know someone who named their son Casey and I think that is a good unisex name, but Kelci for a boy really surprised me. Kelsey with that spelling might have been okay although it has shifted much more towards the girls now, but the Kelci spelling makes it look doubly more feminine. I wonder why the parents went with that name and spelling.

    • Names4Real says:

      Hi Chelsea. Welcome.

      I agree. I think Casey works for either gender. I was surprised to see a boy Kelci too. Sure, Kelsey, maybe, but Kelci? Definitely reads as girl.

  5. Lis says:

    I think Danay is most likely a different spelling of Denae.

  6. ezeze says:

    my name is Abbaney, but i live nowhere near illinois

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