Agnes Gwyneth

Aldwyn Oliver (Theodore)

Ali Mark

Allegra Carys

Alyx Robien

Angus Robin

Ariane Elen

Benjamin Brinley (Owen & Elsie)

Camilla Daisy “Milly”

Catherine Evelyn “Kitty” (Mimmo)

Clementine Maybelle (Bella Florence & Ava Rose)

Daisy Greta

Delphine Rose (Alexa & Marina)

Edgar Peter

Edward Leveson (Poppy)

Elisha Duncan

Elizabeth Camilla “Lizzie” (Mary)

Elizabeth Florence “Betsy”

Florence Daisy (Fergus)

Franklin Michael “Frankie”

Frederick Valentine “Fred”

Georgina Rosemary

Hana Tokaca

Harriet Rose Alice “Hattie”

Harold Charles (Violet & George)

Hugo Montgomery

Imogen Lavinia

Indi Mia

Iris Aminta

Isla Cerise

Jacquetta Margot “Quetta”

Janu James (Maya)

Jemima Lily

Josephine Alice “Posy”

Katriona Elizabeth “Kitty”

Kitty Willow (Milo)

Lucinda Alice “Lucy”

Mila Dale

Mishkin (brother for Esther & Martha)

Oliver Rex

Otis Howard (Rudy)

Paloma Alexandra (India & Cosmia)

Rose Beatrice

Samuel Dilworth (Tom & Max)

Scarlett Angharad

Sigismund Ivan

Theodore Barnaby

Vienna Lucy

Violet Lorna

Wilbur Charles

Wilfred Bertie

Willa Beatrice (Samuel)

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3 Responses to MISHKIN & VIENNA (London)

  1. Some really nice names in there …. I’m not a huge fan of Scarlett, but Scarlett Angharad sounds great. I like Clementine Maybelle too.

    Rose, Daisy, Alice Florence and Elizabeth seem to get used a lot!

  2. The Times or the Telegraph, I’m guessing! A lot of these names would be rare outside those two. They’ll all be off to Eton, Harrow and Cheltenham Ladies’ College in a few years time!

  3. Sophia says:

    Oh man, there are some fantastic names today! And some great nicknames! Posy? Gorgeous! Kitty? Adorable! Frankie? Supercute 🙂
    Seems like Florence is the name du jour in London right now, which is very cool. I love Florence. I was interested to see Mishkin; I’ve never heard of it before but makes me think of elves or pixies or something… very cute and almost magical sounding, although I have to admit the first thing I thought was Michigan.
    Cosmia caught my eye too. I’ve never heard it as a name, but I do know a song called Cosmia, by Joanna Newsom. It has a great sound to it (the name I mean)… cosmic, cosmos…and I just found out it is a genus of moths. I don’t love moths but that’s kind of poetic or symbolic or something, I dunno. I like it 🙂
    And I always love to see Angharad, I haven’t seen it a lot but it’s one of my favourites.
    The names I love most up there are… for boys, Otis Howard. Otis is just an awesome name and Howard, well I wouldn’t say I’m a fan, but English names always come out right and seem kind of retro and great no matter what, so I like Howard here 🙂 And out of the girls, my favourite is (this is harder!) probably Florence Daisy. I don’t know though, there are lots of fantastic girls’ names!

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