BUSTER & KIKI (Australia)

Addis John

Annika Ruby

Archer Orlando

Bridie Carmel

Buster Douglas (Jack)

Carys Lily

Claudia Olive

Dempsey Jarvis

Edith Adele

Edward Hamilton

Fenella Ava

Finnan Thomas

Genevieve Therese

Harlow Maddison

Harper Che (boy)

Imogen Adela

Jaxon Maui

Jethro Lee

Kiki Tessa (Carter)

Kurt William

Leo Blaze

Lila Jess

Mabel Rose (Archie)

Massimo Luca

Miller William

Naomi Matilda

Nicola Zoe

Oakley Brian

Ollie Baron

Pearl Rene

Piper Narelle

Quinn Tennyson (Olly & Briley (b)

Ruby Eliza

Sarah Jillanne

Scarlet Maeve

Sebastian Fabian

Skye Helen

Sylvia Catherine

Teagen Emma (Summer & Ty)

Travis Neville

Van Wayne

Violetta Frances

Willa Jade

Zachariah John

Zara Jacqueline

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11 Responses to BUSTER & KIKI (Australia)

  1. Skurinksi says:

    Buster is awful, sorry. Is Quinn a boy or girl?

    For girls I liked Annika, Imogen, Piper, Scarlet and Violetta.

    For boys I liked Addis, Dempsey, Harper, Jethro, Oakley and Ollie.

  2. I actually know a pair of brothers called Jack and Buster – surely not the same ones?

    I like Archie and Mabel, sweet.

  3. Is Bridie a typo of Birdie or the actual name of that poor girl?

    I like Carys Lily and Ruby Eliza.

  4. Love the wonderful variety here. Names with personality. Good old Oz!

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