Amelia Wren

Avery Harrison

Baron Vaughn

Bonnie Jo

Brekke Stephen

Cale Eldridge

Callaway Lynn

Carissa Kathleen

Denver Jameson

Dolly Dunn

Dray Isaac

Eldon Ramsey

Elijah Mayes

Fletcher Allen

George Freeman

Grayson Bates

Grissom Lee

Hanson Denny

Hermione Juliette

Isabella Rafi

Jack Brown

Jessica Robin

Jonah Sullivan

Josie Pearl

Kaybra Clarissa

Kentner Lee

Lane Hayward

Luna Isabelle

Nixon Mackaye

Nuvia Isabel

Ona Marie

Peyton Anouk

Sakura Jaley

Sean Foster

Syndle Elizabeth

Talon Wayne

Tassi Jo

Violet Naki

William Thor

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6 Responses to GRISSOM & SYNDLE

  1. jenn says:

    How do you pronounce Brekke??

    • Depends on whether you pronouncing it in an English or Norwegian way! – Either ‘brek-uh’ or ‘brek’. It features in at least one of Anne McCaffery’s novels; what with Brekke, Luna, Hermione and Grissom (space-ship in Star Trek!), there’s clearly a lot of fantasy fans in Grissom and Syndle land!

  2. Sophia says:

    I really don’t like Grissom :S Reminds me of John Grisham.
    I do, however, love Amelia Wren (Wren is great in the middle, and seems to be growing more popular. Such a cute name), Hermione Juliette (gorgeous and so feminine), Isabella Rafi (Isabella is my favourite name, and Rafi is very cute and could be for boy or girl), Josie Pearl (love Pearl in the middle), Luna Isabelle (very soft and feminine) and William Thor (fantastic, strong name).

  3. Skurinksi says:

    I like Avery and Lane. The middle names not so much

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