KASSNEY & TUCK (Georgia)

Allie Brooklynn

Asher Williams  

Autumn Fern

Barrett Thomas

Charity Leighanne

Cullen Briley

Davis Brynn

Emma-Leigh Arden

Grayland Olivia

Helen Nadine

Hollis James

Isabella Meryl

Jackson McKnight

Kassney Jane

Kellan Asher

Liam Guy

Lois Grace

Michael Blaine

Nash Curtis

Nico Elizabeth

Nora Willow

Presley Delila

Robert Hawkins

Rocky Angel

Sadie Evelyn

Shiloh Israel

Sonny Anderson

Tuck Owen

Tyler Blaze

Weston Ezekiel  

Zoey Elita

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6 Responses to KASSNEY & TUCK (Georgia)

  1. Skurinksi says:

    Not the best bunch, but I do like Sonny, Lois and Autumn.

    I really dont like Nico and Presley on girls at all, I think they’re better suited on boys personally.

    What are the sexes of Davis, Rocky and Shiloh?

  2. jenn says:

    Love Kassney Jane!!

  3. Rocky Angel! You have to love it for its oxymoronism.

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