Archie Wilf

Ashley Thomas

Ava Lois

Beatrice Alana

Betsy Mary

Brenton Darren

Cassian Neil

Cherry Allysha

Clark Fletcher (Vannin, Carys, & Rowan)

Dexter Rex

Eliza Bluebell 

Enzo Noel

Eva Jasmine

Finlay Liam

George Leonard

Harriet Xanthe

Holly Dorothy

Hugo Kendon

Imogen Mae Temperance

Isla Ruby

Jack Ollie

Jenson Bradley

Jonah Stefan

Leon Stuart

Lola Lorraine

Lottie Angela (Louis)

Lydia Esther Seren

Macauley William

Martha Eileen

Neve Zennor

Oscar Elwyn

Ozzy Scott

Polly Anne

Raine Hannah

Rebecca Tamsin

Reuben Elijah

Sidney Harrison

Sutton James

Tilly Maisie


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  1. Skurinksi says:

    I love Neve! So pretty. Ozzy reminds me too much of a certain Osbourne… Macauley is a bit weird.

    Do not be surprised to see Ashley and Sidney on boys in the UK. Although using boy names on girls also happens there, some others have remained masculine. For example Riley, Mackenzie, Morgan, Taylor, Bailey, Aubrey amongst others are definitely used a lot more on boys.

  2. Eliza Bluebell is adorable, both names on my own list!

    I actually know an Isla Ruby; I guess people like those names together.

    There seems to be a bit of a trend of having two girls names ending in the EE sound, like Betsy Mary and Tilly Maisie. It strikes me as very “English”, like (the fictional character) “Milly Molly Mandy”.

  3. Deb, UK says:

    Eliza Bluebell is my daugher’s name – and she is even more adorable in real life!!!

    I just Googled her name to see if anything came up and was really suprised to find this site. Not sure how she appeared on here, but thanks for the compliment.

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