BALI & RENO (round-up)

Place names seems to be the theme of the week in the babynaming sphere.  First, Abby over at Appellation Mountain covered the name Boston.   Elisabeth at You Can’t Call It It scoured the atlas looking for names of U.S. counties for baby name inspiration.  Adair, Somerset, Roane, or Mingo are just a few examples from her list.  And Nameberry blogged about names of lakes to consider.  Annecy, anyone?

And who am I to ruin a good theme?  So I rounded up all the place names I could find.

Alabama Leigh

Alaska Genevieve

Alexandria Coraline 

Aspen Bree

Austin Merritt

Bali Shay

Boston Joshua

Branson Raines

Bronx Brennan

Brooklyn Gladys

Cayman Georgia

Chicago Matthew

China Dawn

Dallas Anthony

Denver John

Destin Grant

Durham Joel

Geneva Elsie

Georgia Charlize

Havana Elsie May  

Holland Penelope

Houston Will

India Kiera

Indiana Louise

Ireland Isabella

Italy Monet

Jackson Blade

Kona Hudson

Lexington Louis

London Hicks

Louisiana Ayelett

Memphis Atreyu  

Milan Christopher

Nevada Paige

Orlando Blaydes

Paris Anastasia

Phoenix Monroe (boy)

Reno Mason

Savannah Summer

Scotland Lee (boy)

Sicily Elizabeth

Sweden Victoria

Vienna Miller

They make great middle names too.

Brittany Montana

Dakota Germany (boy)

Ella Tokyo

Heidi Los Angeles

Joshua Cleveland

Mackenzie Quebec 

Marianna Brazil

Molly Ireland

Oscar London

Sawyer Houston

Just one thing.  If you name the baby after the place of conception, keep that to yourself.  Your baby will never want to know that.  🙂

What is your favorite place name?

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9 Responses to BALI & RENO (round-up)

  1. Haven’t made any secret of the fact that my favourite place name is Phoenix (but not with Monroe).

    My favourite from that list is Denver John.

  2. Skurinksi says:

    My fav is definitely Bali Shay and Italy Monet. Are they boys or girls?

    Also like Dakota Germany, so out there with 2 place names.

  3. April says:

    Denver John is bit painful. And Los Angeles, even as a middle, is an amazing find!

  4. Sophia says:

    I’ve heard of a boy called Dublin :S

  5. kash729 says:

    Technically Brittany Montana is first and middle lol

  6. kash729 says:

    So is Dakota Germany lol

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