Annie Bryce

Becker John

Briar Autumn

Connall Brendan

Demelza Diane Heather

Evelyn Greer

Finnegan Leo

Flint Laughlin

Georgia Margaret (Hudson)

Hayzen William David

Izze Marie Jessica

Jackson Rourke

Katya Ellen

Leffe (boy)

Madden Miles

Mavis Sara (Anderson)

Nola Juliana

Otis Paul

Pierce Romeo

Quinn Hannah (Lyla)

Reese Xavier

Ronin John

Sarah Paul

Simona Eva

Sutter Isaak

Taite Victoria Paige (Bella, Cosette, Reave (girl))

Thomas Booker

Valentina Olivia

Wesley Storm 

Will McKay (Ava)

Wren Abigail

Zola Pearl

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4 Responses to BECKER & MAVIS (Canada)

  1. Some wonderful names here, Particularly like Briar Autumn, Demelza, Flint,
    Mavis Sara, Nola Juliana, Valentina, Wren and Zola Pearl.

  2. I’m another fan of Briar Autumn and Zola Pearl.

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