Today at the park, there was a girl named Candle.  At first, I thought maybe I must have misheard Kendall, but Dad repeated it several times.  Definitely Candle.  That’s a new one.    Have  you heard/met anyone lately with an unusual name? 

Other interesting word names I’ve seen in birth announcements.

Echo McKay (girl)

Forever  (boy)

Light Alexander:  Better than Heavy. 

Maple Josefina

Saint Joshua:  How long before they realize that this baby isn’t a saint? 

Shy Marie

Sincere Jacob:  I like a lot of word names, but I’m not a fan of these descriptive names like Shy & Sincere.  It kind of reminds me of Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Hi, I’m Patience.  This is Precious.   Meet Fabulous.  That’s Victorious. Charisma couldn’t make it.  Unique is standing over there.  And Awesome just walked in.     See?!  Just like the dwarfs.   🙂

Other interesting finds:

Cashlie Mae:  Because Cash is a boy’s name.

Dashlynn Joann:  Ditto, but replace Cash with Dash.

Emanon Quest:  I’m on a quest for a name.   *NOTE:  Emanon spells no name backwards. 

 Enjoli Madison:  Enjoli is also a fragrance by Revlon.

James Sterling & Ledger Warren: I’m one of the few name nerds, who don’t think siblings names have to match perfectly because I think parents should just use their favorite names, but twin boys James and Ledger.  That’s quite a leap.   I wonder if mom choose one and dad chose the other. 

Schillaci A’mari: (boy)  I’ll admit I tried to figure out if this was a mangled spelling for something.  I couldn’t come up with anything so I googled. Turns out its an Italian last name made famous by Italian soccor player Salvatore Schillaci “Toto”.   It’s also the last name of a  fugitive, who was once on the FBI’s Top Ten Most Wanted List, but let’s assume he’s named after the footballer. 

Starmoni Niesee:  Star plus Harmony.   Star and Ceremony.  I have no idea. 

 Stormy Weather: (boy)  haha.   So clever.  Note sarcasm here.   


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18 Responses to ROUND-UP 6/4

  1. Skurinksi says:

    Yes, a few ones I’ve seen lately:

    Reeser (girl)
    Andorra (girl)
    Preston (girl)
    Zola (girl)
    Purple (girl)

    Shiloh & Shelby (brothers)
    Kaige (boy)
    Kapri (boy)
    Xyler (boy)
    Bocaj (boy) just realized a couple of days later its Jacob backwards… I wonder if its a real name somewhere…


    I wonder if Echo is taking off? I’ve seen a few of them around online.
    Light is so quirky, I almost like it :p
    Shy and Forever are just ridiculous. Sincere is actually charting for boys.
    Stormy Weather, gotta love it.

    • Names4Real says:

      Love Zola and Purple?!?. I wonder if that’s her real name or just a nickname.

      Bocaj is a new one for me. I googled it and found nothing about it. I’ve seen a couple of Echo too. A celebrity named their baby Echo not so long ago, can’t remember who, but saw it on People and Eliza Dushku played Echo on the TV show Dollhouse so it probably inspired a few parents out there.

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Midnight says:

        I know I am very late in responding, but isn’t Bocaj, Jacob, spelled backwards? Are has that already been brought to everyone’s attention?

      • Names4Real says:

        Yes, we did mention that Bocaj was Jacob spelled backwards. I looked to see if there was anything else about it, but no. Its just Jacob spelled backwords.

  2. Dearest says:

    I like Light, Maple and Echo! Especially Echo 🙂
    I don’t get the Light/Heavy connection, though, but the Light/Dark, which is infinitely more pleasant if you ask me.. Also Lightfoot makes a neat middlename…

  3. The trouble with the descriptive names is they seem to be describing the middle name – as in this is a shy girl called Marie, or a sincere boy called Jacob. It just sounds … weird.

    Some unusual names are beautiful, others are a bit of a mess. These seem to be in the bit of a mess category.

    Two sibsets I’ve seen recently that are a little unusual (they’re all boys):

    Banjo and Jedda
    Poe and Ilo

    I guess O ending names are starting to take off. And this is the first time I’ve seen Jedda used on a boy – go boys!

  4. Sophia says:

    Some unusual names I’ve come across recently are:
    Ozidnee (girl)
    Yestin (boy, brother Zander. I know Yestin is a recognised name but it’s still very uncommon)
    Taika (boy)
    Jamini (girl)
    Breezy (girl, she has a lot of siblings and I can’t remember all their names but I know two sisters are Lizzie and A’Fam)
    Ossian (boy, sister Coco- I think!)
    Seraphim (boy)
    Cervi (boy)
    Aija (girl, pronounced Aya, brother Syon and sister Izzy)

    • Names4Real says:

      Ooh, some interesting names there, but A’Fam. What is that? 😦

      Thanks for sharing!

      • Sophia says:

        I know, I can’t stand it either. Rumour has it that as a child she couldn’t pronounce her real name (Annie Samantha) so she called herself A’Fam and it stuck… unfortunately.
        Also, Ozidnee is meant to be Ovidnee.

      • Names4Real says:

        Oh, okay. Thanks for explaining. I feel a little better knowing it is at least a nickname. 🙂

        I’ve never heard of Ovidnee either. Interesting.

  5. appellationmountain says:

    Great list! I know of an Ada Maple – love it in the middle spot, less sure of it in front.

    I love Candle! Candelaria is one of those wildly elaborate names that I would totally consider if my last name were Smith.

    Emanon feels almost cruel. Oh well, maybe he’ll grow up to have a career in the music industry … hmmmm … that won’t work either …

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  8. silverwolf says:

    Cuppie!! is a name that I’ve only heard once and she is from Alaska so that might explain her very unusual name.

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