TIGER & VIENNA (New Zealand)

  • Albie George
  • Alexia Prudence
  • Archer Ian
  • Aster Zoe 
  • Baden Joel 
  • Ben Stuart
  • Cassia Meipara
  • Cassin Adam 
  • Evarne Sandra
  • Fabian Fuata 
  • Hamish Bradley
  • Harriet Frances (Guy, Theo, & Edward)
  • Hemi Mason
  • Honor Rainn
  • Joe Gunns 
  • Liezel Filippa
  • Louis Gordon (Eloise)
  • Lucy Austin
  • Molly Ayla
  • Penny Kathryn
  • Paz Angelina
  • Reg David
  • Rocco Willis 
  • Sia Evelyn Lorna
  • Taine Joseph
  • Tiger Wei 
  • Tovie Jean
  • Van Stratton
  • Vienna Greer
  • Violet Beverley Margaret
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4 Responses to TIGER & VIENNA (New Zealand)

  1. Ooh I can see a few Maori names in there! I love New Zealand names; they always seem to be more daring and creative with their names across the ditch.

  2. jenn says:

    Vienna Greer is just a beautiful name!!!

  3. SarahinJune says:

    Gotta love Harriet Frances, both remind me of a spunky young heroin. 🙂

  4. Dearest says:

    Sia Evelyn Lorna is nice and I like Paz Angelina. 🙂

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