HERO & URSULA (London)

Alethea Mary Cecelia (Jack)

Christobel Sophia Eleanor

Cosmo Bartholomew Patrick Fortune

Dashiell Richard Max

Digby James Harvey (Milo)

Dylan Leif Tushingham

Eleanor India Francesca (Freya)

Ellie Tamsin Alicia (Charlie & Oscar)

Fiona Rosemary Isobel

Flora Alice (Hector)

Harry Edgar Apollo

Henrietta Verity (Hector)

Hero Genevieve Tallulah (Gus, Daisy, Archie, & Conrad)

Lucy Jane Vanya

Maximilian Arthur Barton (Oliver)

Olivia Hosie Willow (Matilda & Imogen)

Ophelia Eleanor Grace (Clementine, Theodora, Henrietta, & Edward)

Ottilie Elizabeth Dar

Romilly Amber Claudia (Alexandra & Georgina)

Rory Louis Harald

Rose Zephyr (Gus)

Rufus Harry Roark (Eliza, Edward, Charlie, & Joss)

Sasha Charlotte MacDuff (Alick & Fergus)

Serena Honora Silver

Sholto Robert Timothy (Florence)

Somers Robert Stratton

Sophie Mini Octavia

Ursula Cherry (Hester)

Wilf Lenton

Willoughby David Thomas (Tallulah)

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5 Responses to HERO & URSULA (London)

  1. Some lovely eccentric English combinations! I might steal some of these ……

  2. Sophia says:

    YES! (i’m too tired to comment on them individually but once again, Britain, they’re all great)

  3. Dearest says:

    Do you know if Joss is a boy or girl? (sibling to Rufus Harry Roark)
    I also love the rhythm of Harry Edgar Apollo πŸ™‚

    • Names4Real says:

      I googled it and found that Joss is a boy and it is short for Jocelyn Alexander Thomas.

      • Dearest says:

        That’s awesome! Joss is one of few J names for boys that manage to continuously intrigue me. I tend to dislike names with the J sound, but there are some exceptions, Joss, Jules and Jolyon being my favourites for boys πŸ™‚

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