•   Annika Hazel 
  • Azule Leon 
  • Bailey McAllister
  • Bria Sam
  • Bryce Emily
  • Cary Jameson
  • Chase Chester
  • Cherish Armani
  • Gage Everett 
  • Genevieve Morgan
  • Gunnar Magnuson
  • Holden Dino
  • Jansen Iver
  • Jeanette Cindy
  • Juels Mark 
  • Juliet Aurora
  • Lilith Rose
  • Marie Tatyana
  • Matthew Farrell 
  • Mia Geraldine
  • Monet Denis 
  • Nathan Guy
  • Patience LeAnn
  • Rhyley Cage
  • Rielle Jane
  • Rocco Landon
  • Sabrina Jade
  • Scarlett Lea
  • Vaughn Ashton
  • Woodrow Tanner
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5 Responses to NEW JERSEY

  1. Skurinksi says:

    I cant stand Vaughn, I think it’s so ugly, blah.

    Azule? Ok, I thought Azul was the proper spelling. Or is it legitimate?

    Bailey and Cary are refreshing to see on boys. Bryce on a girl, not so much.

    Juels, Juelz, Jewls, I guess its hard to spell Jules…

  2. I was expecting some “Jersey Shore”-ish names, and wasn’t disappointed, with Cherish Armani, Holden Dino and Rocco Landon.

    I guess Juliet Aurora is sort of “classy Jersey Shore” – I rather like it.

    Genevieve Morgan is quite fetching too.

  3. SarahinJune says:

    Chase Chester is too good. I actually laughed out loud. whoops.

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