• Alish Rose
  • Allegra Hayden
  • Amelia Jude (Addison Grace)
  • Arabella Katalin (Alec)
  • Aria Ida
  • Arthur John
  • Beau Hudson (Eloise & Lincoln)
  • Bessie Nola
  • Callista Bernadette (Clark)
  • Cassius Kai
  • Chase Carlisle
  • Coco Arabella
  • Daisy Isabelle
  • Dashiell Magnus 
  • Domenico Ciro 
  • Elle Lucy
  • Finn Darcy
  • Florence Audrey (Arabella & Seth)
  • Flynn Andrew (Bryce)
  • Genevieve Clare
  • Grace Imogen
  • Hadley Elizabeth (Charlotte)
  • Hamish Jonathan
  • Harlan Ralston
  • Jay Violet
  • Lachlan Atila
  • Lucie Germaine (Callum & Rory)
  • Lydia Lois
  • Maisie Isabelle 
  • Maybelle Jemima
  • Millie Sienna (Lauchie)
  • Oscar Raymond
  • Penny Anne
  • Philipa Kathleen
  • Reuben Jai 
  • Romeo Joseph
  • Rosemary Barbara
  • Siahn Ivy 
  • Sienna Taj 
  • Talita Sophie
  • Tate Chris
  • Xavier Emmet 
  • Zimmer Louise
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8 Responses to DASHIELL & ZIMMER (Australia)

  1. Wow Zimmer … it just reminds me of a zimmer frame! Glad to see a young Arthur, who I guess will be called Artie from birth.

    I didn’t expect this, but most of these names do look eerily familiar. I do knows kids with either these first names or these second names (or they fit in with a particular trend in regard to sound).

  2. Skurinksi says:

    I just knew there had to me a Lachlan there…

  3. Sophia says:

    I like that Australia seems to be picking up on more British-sounding names like Florence, Arabella, Amelia, Maisie and Bessie. It’s cute! I can’t stand Lachlan or Lachie, but it’s such a trend here unfortunately! Zimmer certainly is interesting, I wonder if it has anything to do with the composer Hans Zimmer…?

    • Names4Real says:

      I know. I never see Lachlan’s here in the U.S., but I see tons when I’m searching through Australia. I wonder why its so popular there, but not here.

      Maybe that’s where Zimmer came from. I forgot about him.

      • Lachlan Murdoch is the son of Rupert Murdoch (moderately wealthy, might have heard of him?) 😉

        Anyway the Murdochs come from old Scottish stock, so they chose a good solid Scottish name for their son. I think the name was already in use around that time though.

        I guess everyone wanted the same name as the rich guy’s kid, so Lachlan took off in a big way. Cue 40 years later, and there’s been enough time for more generations of Lachlans to be named after dad, godfather and uncle Lachlan .

        There’s some famous Lachlans in Australia’s history and places named after them, so these must all help the rise and rise.

        I think Australia is just a more Scottish place than the US.

      • Names4Real says:

        Thanks for the explanation. Makes sense.

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