• Ailbhe Caitríona (Clíodhna and Aoibhinn)
  • Alexander Sasha David (Hannah Kate)
  • Amelie Carolyn (Florence)
  • Aurelia Isabelle
  • Barry Patrick
  • Claudia Hanna (Kirsten)
  • Cosette Helen
  • Davin Martin Robert  (Róisín)
  • Eamon Lawrence
  • Eve Lorena
  • Hugo Dermot
  • Juliet Eimear
  • Keeva Colette
  • Kester Andrew (Keir, Angus, & Charlotte)
  • Lochlann Edward (Calder & Kristen Rose)
  • Louise Clare
  • Lucy Kitty (Milo)
  • Marguerite Mary (Elizabeth)
  • Mollie James (Ruby)
  • Maximilian Ernest Riocard
  • Oisín Urs
  • Oscar Gabriel (Aiobhe, Oisin, Fionn, & Odhran)
  • Pau Liam
  • Remmy Victoria
  • Robert Richmond
  • Ruaidhri Eoin 
  • Sebastian Frank “Seb”
  • Shane Sati (Mazie)
  • Tegan Aisling
  • Tiernan Patrick 
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6 Responses to COSETTE & KESTER (Ireland)

  1. appellationmountain says:

    OMG, you found a Kester! And he’s a BOY! Totally made my night – thanks. 🙂

  2. Skurinksi says:

    Alexander Sasha kinda sounds silly, a bit like William Billy or something like that.

    Also, I met my first male Harmony yesterday! 😮 He’s 22 years old, so not exactly a child, but still surprising. It is considered unisex, but its one of those that are like 99% female vs 1% male. It’s kinda like a finding a small jewel in a large cornfield.

  3. I like Hugo Dermot and Oscar Gabriel. And Kester, Keir, Angus and Charlotte is an awesome sibset.

    The girls names tend to be very cutesy – Lucy Kitty sounds like a nursery rhyme (Lucy Locket lost her pocket, Kitty Fisher found it).

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