GREER & VANCE (Alabama)

Aiden Kiet

Alaysia Zamora

Amos Daniel

Bentley Corbin

Caliana McKenna

Collin Blaize

Delaney Jade

Delilah Dora-Sue

Esther Perpetua

Gram McKee

Greer Adaline

Greyson Davis

Houston Roy

Isabella Katiana Louise

Jace Ellison

Kyler Lomax

Lola Kate

Maybree Elizabeth

Mia-Tyler Rose  

Michael Ford

Owen Colby

Reid Waylon

Ruby Aria

Rylan Urijah

Sallie Jayne

Samantha Everette

Thea Keiko

Trenton Stone

Vance William

Zocie Jean

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6 Responses to GREER & VANCE (Alabama)

  1. I like the way some of these names are quite exuberant – Alaysia Zamora and Rylan Urijah have a slightly alien quality which is rather appealing. I feel that Rylan Urijah may be asked to join the Mothership one day when he’s least expecting it.

    I have never heard the name Zocie before, it’s very surprising, and then coupled with the homely Jean seems sweet.

    I think that Ruby Aria will probably go down well with many people.

  2. Nicolle says:

    Very much loving these:

    Amos Daniel
    Gram Mckee
    Greer Adaline

  3. Dearest says:

    I’m charmed to pieces by Esther Perpetua. What a find! I love her parents for being so bold!

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