EVERLEIGH & KNOX (Connecticut)

  • Aine Elizabeth
  • Angus Arthur
  • Aryana Inez
  • Autumn Irene
  • Beckham Kaz 
  • Charles Clark
  • Claire Campbell
  • Eleanor Mariah
  • Ella Hazel 
  • Elsa Leslie
  • Emma Evangeline
  • Everleigh Ann
  • Ezra Charles
  • Gavin Hawk
  • Giovanni Alpio
  • Hudson Everett
  • Iris Marion
  • Isaiah Angel
  • Jana Abigail 
  • Jim Coleman
  • Kassius Elias
  • Kieva Angelina
  • Knox Ryan
  • Lola Brynn
  • Mara Soleil 
  • Mason Dragon
  • Merrick Elizabeth
  • Millie Gene
  • Olivia Amelie
  • Saige Cecile-Ann
  • Sasha Afra
  • Savionce Anthony
  • Sophiana Elizabeth
  • Torin Adam 
  • Xavier Bentley Wayne
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4 Responses to EVERLEIGH & KNOX (Connecticut)

  1. appellationmountain says:

    Mason DRAGON? Wow. There must be a story there …

  2. Dearest says:

    Mara Soleil is beautiful!
    And Dragon makes a nice middle name, as long as you DON’T put Mason or any other -on names in front 🙂
    It reminds me of the Tori Amos song called ‘Dragon’
    “‘Cause your wildcard needs playing, don’t believe that your dragon needs slaying”
    Turns Dragon into a kind of nemesis-concept I like the thought of 🙂

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