Abigail Ione

Ammon Michael

Ava Greer

Bodhi Dallas

Channing Justin

Daphne Beth

Drake Marlin

Ella Bentley

Finnegan Reed

Genevee River

Gentry Lee

Harry Ellis

Holland Olivia

Iris Ann

Isaac Emery

Jameson Brady

Jude Devon

Keegan Nathaniel

Keturah Elizabeth

Landon Ezra

Lacie Helena

Lauren Bea

Marguerite Ann

Miranda Jordan

Molly Capri

Natalie Raven

Nolan Murphy

Otis Matthew

Piper Lane

Reece Grant

Remington William

Ritchie Peyton

Scout Kentan (boy)

Sophie Adele

Stella Amaryllis

Trace Dalton

Ty Xavier

Veda Mary

Willow Cecelia

Zoe Helen Rose

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5 Responses to CHANNING & KETURAH (Michigan)

  1. Skurinksi says:

    Why would Scout Kentan be a girl? Hahaha 😀

  2. Dearest says:

    Ava Greer is stunning and Nolan Murphy is a nice surprise 🙂

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