INDIE & MAVERICK (Australia)

Adele Page

Archer Charlie

Bronte Carolyn (Alex, Shenay, & Evelyn)

Coey George

Elizabeth Viola Finch

Emerson Ocean

Fletcher Blake

Flynn Burt

Halia Rose

Hudson Lennox

Indie Zella

Jonah Quinn

Lars Jasper

Liezel Jane (Ethan)

Matilda Alice

Maverick Lee (Reef)

Mietta Rose (Lily & Livinia)

Minnie Marie (Oliver)

Nash Fraser

Olive Sue

Orlando David

Pixie Mae

Rex Warren (Amber & Tiara)

Ruby Jules

Sage Lucy (Willa Maple)

Samuel Desmond

Scarlett Eugenie

Tilly Violet

Veronica Louise (Anabel)

Xander Ryu Lucas

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6 Responses to INDIE & MAVERICK (Australia)

  1. kash729 says:

    Is Emerson a boy or a girl?

  2. kash729 says:

    I really like it its cute!

  3. April says:

    LOVE Matilda Alice and Emerson Ocean. 🙂

  4. Sophia says:

    For once my country has just about done me proud haha. I love Archer Charlie, Emerson Ocean (I love unusual middle names), Lars Jasper, Matilda Alice, Mietta Rose, Minnie Marie, Olive Sue, Orlando David, Pixie Mae (SO cute! Although I suppose it could be problematic once she gets past the cute stage), Ruby Jules, Sage Lucy (especially together with Willa Maple; the two are so gorgeous!), Scarlett Eugenie and Tilly Violet.

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