INGRID & ROSE (unfiltered)

A list with no filtering from me.    Enjoy! 

Abbee Kathleen

Aidan James Ryan Nickolai

Aiden Robert

Alessandra Nicole

Anna Louise

Ava Nicoya

Averie Ann

August Franklin

Azalea Drake

Baron Von Calvin

Blake Michael

Braylee Jane

Briella Ann

Canon Patrick

Chase Mitchell

Clinton Maxx

Cooper Richard

Courtney Sue

Dylan Kylee (girl)

Easson Gregory Paul 

Eben Arthur

Ethen Sam

Evelyn Lanelle

Feonix Josiah

Harper Kaye

Henry James

Holdyn Howard

Hunter Curtis Allen

Ian Stone

Ingrid Jane

Jerry William

Joel New

Kaden Krantz

Karson Lee

Katelyn Ella

Kayleigh Grace

Laveah Antoinette

Lelaina Ann

Luke Montgomery

Madelyn Eloise

Mallorie Olivia

Marin Leigh

Matilda Jane

Maxwell Coleman

McCall (girl)

Nicholas Alden

Olin Edward

Raegan Mae

Reagan May

Reece Lynn (girl) 

River Dean

Rose Wyn

Ryder McKennon

Samuel John

Sawyer Clifford

Shelby Eleana

Sydney Paige 

Teagan Dastan

Tenley Erin

Vaughn Lloyd

Violet Laine

Wyatt Russell

Zane Weston

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3 Responses to INGRID & ROSE (unfiltered)

  1. Dearest says:

    August Franklin and Eben Arthur are stunning! 🙂

    Nicholas Alden and Luke Montgomery are also wonderful.
    Anna Louise is great and Joel New has an intriguing middle name. I actually really like it! ^^

  2. Skurinksi says:

    Some of these are just awful, I can see why you would filter them.

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