Some twin names (some good, some bad) that I have come across lately.  Sadly, no middle names. 

Alexa & Lexa (Seriously?)

Allie & Landon

Asher & Holden

Braiden & Caden 😦

Bridger & Sierra

Carson & Quinn  (twin boys)

Charlee (girl) & Chelsee

Claire & Cooper  

Clayton & May

Eleanor & Jeanette

Elizabeth & Mary

Emma & Zoe

Gabriella & Isabella

Jack & Paula  

Jonah & Josie

Julian & Sophia

Kaia & Tenley  

Lee & Ruby

Leia & Luke (May the force be with you)

Marlow & Maxwell

Noah & Noel  

Ollie (girl) & Tatum (boy) 

Ruby & Theodore

Shepherd & Sunday

And one set of triplets . . .

Danielle, Gabrielle, & Michelle

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16 Responses to SHEPHERD & SUNDAY (twins)

  1. Kayt says:

    My first instinct is that Ollie is the boy and Tatum is the girl by default, but it could be Olivia and Tatum. Gah, I don’t know!

    Seriously, Alexa and Lexa? Braiden and Caden? I can’t decide if I’m more annoyed that they have rhyming names, or the fact that they weren’t consistent with the -aiden spelling.

    • Names4Real says:

      🙂 It’s a tie. They are equally annoying.

      It had their names as Ollie (the girl) and Tatum (the boy) She could actually be Olivia, but it said Ollie. I thought it was the other way around too when I saw it.

  2. Sophia says:

    A few of these are really lovely- Asher and Holden, Julian and Sophia, Marlow and Maxwell, Ollie and Tatum (I’m thinking Ollie for boy and Tatum for girl but these days who knows! I don’t like Tatum on a boy), Ruby and Theodore, and Shepherd and Sunday are pretty cute. I can’t BELIEVE Alexa and Lexa! If you say it fast it sounds like they have the same name! And obviously Braiden and Caden is awful. I think naming twins would be so much fun, but I would never ever give them names that rhymed or were too similar, I think I’d definitely give them different initials too.

  3. Zabie says:

    I’m guessing Ollie is a girl. My favourites are Carson and Quinn(assuming they’re boys), Ruby and Theodore, Emma and Zoe, Elizabeth and Mary. I don’t like the rhyming names and imagine they must but really annoying to live with.

  4. Skurinksi says:

    Ollie sounds more like a boys name

  5. April says:

    I recently read an article about 45 year old twin men who murdered their mother through neglect. Their names? Edward and Edwin. I complained to a friend that the names were such a terrible pairing, no wonder they didn’t respect their mother. She responded that she didn’t think it was odd and that she had twin uncles named Mark and Marcus! Still, I say that the long term ramifications of such poor naming may come back to haunt you . . .

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  7. Sarah A says:

    The best named twins I’ve heard recently are 1 year old girls called Evelyn and Charlotte. Both names are classic comebacks so they match in style without being matchy, and they’re different initials plus a different number of syllables.

    From this list my favorite ‘set’ is definitely Lee & Ruby – so adorably retro.

    I feel horrible for Leia and Luke; maybe the parents figured that their children’s peers wouldn’t know the reference?!

    And I can only hope those triplets choose some distinctive nicknames. Talk about an Elle overload!

    • Names4Real says:

      Charlotte and Evelyn are a great set. Thanks for sharing!

      I agree about Luke and Leia. I wonder how many dads suggest those names for twins when they find out they are having a boy and a girl. I’ve had several boyfriends mention Luke when talking about future baby names. So many of them, just want to say, Luke, I’m your father. 🙂

      I hope they get nicknames too, because it will be confusing without them.

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