LORNA & TEX (New Zealand)

Anya Mae (Mila Anita)

Aria Lily

Bianca Cathy

Chelsea Ella

Coby Harper

Coco Matisse

Cormac MacDonald

Demi Sela  

Emily Adele

Fabian Lawrence

Gino Michael

Jane Te Aurere  

Jemima Jane

Kingston Quade Cruz

Lorna May

Lucinda Violet (Emmy & Jemima)

Mirella Volante (Rosaria & Carlo)

Naeve Sophia

Noah James Renner

Quinn Danielle

Rebecca Esme

Roman Henry

Saxon Cole

Shiloh Naava

Teo Robert

Tex Shae

Timo Bruno

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8 Responses to LORNA & TEX (New Zealand)

  1. nameseeker3 says:

    Anya Mae, Aria Lily, and Jemima Jane are sweet and lovely! Emily Adele, Lucinda Violet, and Mirella Volante are elegant! I especially love Mirella. Volante is a very interesting middle name-I googled it and it means “to fly.” That is a nice meaning! I like Lucinda and Mirella’s sibling names-they’re quite lovely. I wonder if Emmy is short for anything? For the boys I like Fabian Laurence, Roman Henry, Saxon Cole, and Teo Robert. They are all very strong, dashing names. Saxon is different, but I kind of like it. Is Coby Harper a boy or a girl? How about Shiloh Naava? Just wondering 🙂 Thanks so much for the post-I enjoyed reading the names!

    • Names4Real says:

      I didn’t know that about Volante. Thanks for sharing. I wondered the same thing about Emmy. With Lucinda and Jemima, it has to be a nickname, right?
      Coby Harper is a boy and Shiloh is a girl.


      • nameseeker3 says:

        You are welcome for sharing about Volante! Yes, Emmy should be a nickname with her sisters named the way they are-but who knows? Thanks for letting me know the genders of Coby & Shiloh. I was thinking that Coby was a boy and Shiloh was a girl…but I wasn’t positive.

      • Names4Real says:

        No problem. Yeah, sometimes it is hard to tell with some names.

  2. appellationmountain says:

    I love seeing Lorna!

  3. Emmy says:

    Hehe, I am the aforementioned Emmy. My full name is Emerald 🙂

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