BRIAR-ROSE (United Kingdom)


  • Antonia Pamela
  • Arran Patrick 
  • Bettymae Sanvia
  • Briar-Rose (Draven)
  • Charlie Garreth
  • Colette Francesca
  • Corbin Martin
  • Enzo Robin
  • Fern Emily (Ruby Blue)
  • Finnan James
  • Freddie Christopher
  • Hannah Laurina
  • Harmoni Susan
  • Henry Ted (Katya & Charlie)
  • Isla Scarlett (Claire)
  • Ivy Eleanor 
  • Izzy Rose
  • Jack Rex
  • James Robson
  • Joseph Marinus
  • Joshua Albi
  • Juliet Ivy
  • Kaden Ken
  • Kitty Rose-Petal
  • Leta Teresa
  • Lois Elizabeth 
  • Lola Niamh (Erin)
  • Luca Liam
  • Luna Grace
  • Maggie Edith
  • Mai Liliana 
  • Marley-Joel 
  • Nancy Amelia
  • Oscar Nelson
  • Pippa Nicola (Teigan)
  • Roxanne Joan (Archie)
  • Ruby Florence
  • Sebastian Everett
  • Zia Rose
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2 Responses to BRIAR-ROSE (United Kingdom)

  1. appellationmountain says:

    Love the Fern/Ruby sibset.

    Great to see Roxanne and Colette!

    Izzy on her own? Not for me. Ditto Kitty.

    Jack Rex is awfully abrupt.

    Joseph Marinus is quite distinguished.

    Bettymae is fascinating. Would love to know how the parents arrived at the smoosh.

    • Names4Real says:

      I love Fern and Ruby too.

      I agree with you about Izzy and Kitty, especially with Kitty’s middle name. Katherine Rose Petal sounds sweet, where as Kitty Rose-Petal sounds stripperish (that might not be a word) 🙂

      Sometimes U.K. birth announcements mentions grandparents’ names too, but Bettymae’s did not. It is definitely one of the interesting smooshes I’ve seen.

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