AMITY (Australia)

As requested, all the babies from an Australia newspaper without any filtering from me. 

Amelia Rose

Amity Eve (Ashton & Ryder)

Ashley Elizabeth

Charlotte Maree

Charlotte Rose

Claire Elizabeth (Hamish)

Eli Aaron (Mila)


Eva Chloe

Francesca Eve (Noah Robert & Aurelia Olive)

Ilona Marilyn

Indi Grace (Jack & Jesse)

Isabelle Grace

Jasmine Christine (Lillian)

Jett Martin (Jasmine)

Jordy Flynn



Lily Ellen

Lucas James (Jade)

Mackenzie Isabel

Oliver Glen

Poppy Kate

Riley William

Samantha Therese

Sienna Ruby (Abby)

Stephanie Jade (Ashleigh)

Taia Lee

Thomas William (James)

William James Henry

Zali Skye

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2 Responses to AMITY (Australia)

  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for doing this!

    I love Amity Eve.

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