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Do you think sibling names should match, have a theme, or have to stay in the same category ( i.e. vintage, biblical, . . . )?    I always tell people to go for their favorite names.  No matter what, but I think I’m in the minority.  🙂  I truly don’t think you can define someone’s baby naming style until they at least have two children and even then, two is a coincidence.  Three is a pattern. 

Here are some sibling sets that I have found and some styles are obvious.   Zara and Eloise are my favorites, while I think Paris and London are too matchy-matchy.  What do you like? Dislike?

Abi Jo & Margaret May

Alora & Aleah Laine

Archer & Honor Lee

Brinkley (girl) & Keller Chase

Cameran (boy), Cassidy (girl), & Callen Elliott

Cash, Channing (girl) & Colt Douglas

Cheyenne, Shelby, Lavender, Mason, & Raylee Elizabeth

Dexter & Atticus John

Helena, Hunter, & Morgan Alexander

Isaiah, Solomon, & Ezekiel Cornell

Jazmyn, Aeriel, Aurora, & Belle Eve (Disney fans!)  

Joshua, Nevaeh, Camryn, Ariana, & Cynthia Marie

Kaylee, Kylee Jo, Gracie, Cambrie, Alexis & Presley Taylor

Maddix, Justice (girl), Emma, Swaeyy (girl) & Journie Joslynn

Martine & Ruby Carolmae

Matilda, Oscar, & Miranda Taylor

Miriam, Mazie, & Matilda Laine

Nicky (boy), Janald (girl), Momi (girl), Naomi, Maxine, Roma, MJ (girl), & Anetha Mami

Oakley & Hazel Claire

Paden (girl) & Palmer Gracin (girl)

Paige & Lauren Celeste

Paris & London Kruz  

Truett & Bree Emberlyn

Zara & Eloise Kate

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13 Responses to SIBSETS

  1. Dearest says:

    Zara and Eloise are my faves too, although I have to say I appreciate Oakley and Hazel for the subtly wooden theme 🙂

    When it comes to composing nice sibsets I follow some rules: I like the same degree of obscurity and ‘foreignness’, and I like even lengths. I won’t call Bo’s brother Theodoric, but I might call him Gray or Sutton. I also love when people go for international names from all over the world, like Tomoko, Soledad, Matej and Veiovis in one sibset. I think the same degree of ‘foreignness’ makes them sound good together 🙂
    Or if you’re sticking to names traditionally used in English speaking countries, having Anne and Araminta is asking for at least one of them to dislike their name and be jealous of the other. Araminta and Apollonia is a much better match and is likely to foster less dismay 🙂

    • Names4Real says:

      That’s a good way to look at it, but I think when we all turn around 13, we hate our names no matter what they are. If they are popular, we want unusual. If they are boyish, we want feminine and vice versa. If they are unusual, we want familiar. We girls (some boys too) are never happy so you might as well name your kids the names you love, because at some point in their lives, they will tell you it was the wrong choice. 🙂

  2. Sophia says:

    I love comparing sibsets and just seeing what parents chose to name second, third, fourth children because it’s so interesting! Also with names that are quite common, for example in my town Ruby is wildly popular, it’s interesting to see what parents pair it with. I know a family who have a Josh, a Liam and then a Ruby, but my neighbours named their girls Ruby and Neko, which is much more unheard of.
    I agree with Dearest in that length is pretty important, and I don’t think I could name my children, for instance, Lou and Annamaria, but Lou and Olive are sweet together. Some of the loveliest sibsets I know are:
    Elke, Oscar and Nimowei
    Winter and Solomon
    My stepsisters Ruby, Olive and Imogen
    Beatrix and Ignatius
    Oscar and Huxley
    Morrison and Esmeralda
    Angus, Griffin, Felix and Nimue
    Sage and Callahan
    Jarrah, Malakai, Luka and Joseph
    Wynne and Peregrine
    Sebastian and Edith (Sebby and Edie)

    • Names4Real says:

      I agree. I wish more BA’s would include sibling names just so I can see and compare.

      Love your stepsisters names.

      You always share the best names. A couple of those I’ve never seen before like Nimue and Nimowei. Although, Nimowei reminds me of Wimoweh and now the song Lion Sleeps tonight is running through my head. 🙂

  3. Skurinksi says:

    What are the sexes of:


    Some are way hard to decipher

  4. Skurinksi says:

    Oh and Alexis and Presley.

  5. kash729 says:

    For me I don’t like names that are too matchy either but I feel like siblings names should at least fit the same general style for example having like eleanor and lucy rather than eleanor and say mackenzie do for me u would pick a general style and stick to my favorite named within that style….here’s an example using some of my cousins kids of what I think works and what could be better….
    Kara and Olivia- -i like that
    Rebekah and Rachel- – that’s one of my favorites
    Leonard, Czeslaw, Jillian, and Jacob- – I don’t think these go together at all…
    Ashleyrose, Winston, Christopher, Zipporah, Ireland, and Jeddaya- – christopher feels like he stands out too much bc his name is plain….but his full name us christopher robin so I suppose it isn’t so bad lol
    Sarah and David– I love this
    Rhianna, Tabitha, Rosaleigh, Tessa, and Reign– all girls and I love it 🙂
    Nicholas, Hannah, Sara, and Abigail– I also like this one
    Christopher and Kimberly- – this one works
    Jason, Cameron, and Blaine- – this one works, but blaine is pushing it
    Destinie, Matthew, Nicholas, Hayden (boy), and Kiya– to me this is two different groups of names
    Jayden, Payton, Chandler, Savannah, and Keegan– I love this one
    Camryn and Makayla– another good one
    I have a big family lol and I like all these ned individually but some of them I wouldn’t have paired as siblings….

  6. Tyler K says:

    Of course they should have a theme! By the way…I am the father of the above mentioned “Disney Girls”..still haven’t thought of a good boy name…of course I haven’t had a reason too…yet. 🙂

    • Names4Real says:

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

      Well, good luck coming up with one if the next one is a boy. Some suggestions. Sebastian from The Little Mermaid? Arthur from The Sword and the Stone? Jasper from 101 Dalmations? Milo from Atlantis, Oliver from Oliver and Company, or Peter from Peter Pan?

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