Ah, middle names.  Some parents honor family, but some parents choose to go a different route when coming up with their baby names.   I love it when I find a surprising middle name.  It adds a certain charm or spunk to the name depending on what they pick. It can also add a bit of boldness, especially if your choice of a first name is a  popular one.     Do your kids have a surprising middle name or would you ever use one? And what would you use?   

Aaron Prosper

Annabel Apple

Asha Tuesday

Bennett Song

Charlotte Snow

Gavin Cove

Grace Indigo

Isabella Tutu  

Jace Onyx

Julia Delight

Kevin Blue

Liliann Sunshine

Lincoln Danger

Logan Blaze

Maggie Elizabeth Clover

Nathaniel True

Patrick Bear   

Pearl Butterfly

Sofia Princess 

Talan Math

Tessa Patience

Violet Sweet Pea

Zara Reef

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  1. appellationmountain says:

    I love this list! Zara Reef is possibly the coolest combination I’ve seen in a while. Grace Indigo is cool, too.

    But Lincoln Danger? Ten bucks said the dad chose it so Linc could say “Danger is my middle name.” Obvious. And not funny!

  2. Sophia says:

    Two of my sisters are called Ruby Queen and Imogen Plum which I think are really nice. I also know babies/kids called Jemima Honeybee, Natasha Honey, Alice Flame and Hazel Meadow. My favourites from this list are Annabel Apple, Asha Tuesday, Grace Indigo, Pearl Butterfly, Sofia Princess, Tessa Patience and Violet Sweet Pea. So cute!

  3. Auntie2girls says:

    I love this list!! I know a little girl with the first name Dainger (yes that’s Danger with an “i”). When I first met her I thought her parents were crazy but the name totally fits her (she has red hair & a personality to match her name) & i can’t imagine her being named anything else!
    My favorites from this list…
    Asha Tuesday
    Grace Indigo
    Kevin Blue
    Liliann Sunshine
    Lincoln Danger
    Nathaniel True
    Tessa Patience

    Julia Delight- Delight makes this sound like an icecream flavor or something!

  4. Jorda says:

    Did anyone else read Tessa Patience as Testa Patience?

  5. Just came over from the Nameberry post – Julia Delight is gorgeous! A great way to fun up a beautiful, vintage but unsurprising choice. Weirdly, I love that it sounds like a pudding. Also love Clover, Tuesday, Prosper, Patience and Sweet Pea (although personally I wouldn’t pair it with another flower); I’m a huge word name fan. Actually, Nathaniel True is another great combo – I just love them all!

    A twist on Danger: I read a Penn (is it Badgeley?) interview where he mentions that if Moxie Crimefighter ever gets caught for speeding or something, she can say “But Officer, we’re on the same side: Crimefighter is my middle name.” It actually made me like the name a lot more.

  6. Kristen says:

    I have a Nona Plum, myself. Big fan of Plum!

  7. Sarah A says:

    I’m also here via the Nameberry post 🙂 My favorites from the list are True, Clover, Prosper, Snow, and Song. I LOVE a quirky, unexpected middle. DH and I are contemplating using virtues for middle names, like Noble and Wisdom.

    Oh, and I too read Tessa Patience as Test-a (test MY) Patience.

  8. milly mary jane says:

    My cousin has four daughters all with flower middle names. Sunniva Tulip “Sunny”, Elizabeth Lavender “Betsy”, Alexia Iris “Lexi” and Luella Blossom “Ellie”.I think it is a cute way to connect all four of there names there next girl will be Jasmine Lilac “Jas”. I have two middles that are both really common Mary and Jane and my first name is Emily but I am named after my great aunt Mildred nicknamed Milly.

  9. milly mary jane says:

    Another cousin named her daughter Georgia Nissa which is unexpected since her eldest is Frederick Bryce. I also have a cousin named Elliott Jude and his deceased sister Katrina Pippi. My niece is Sophia Catherine Marike which is a cute alternative to Marie. My friends nieces and nephew is Anastasia Yekatarina, Natalia Anya and Nikolai Minoslav nicknamed Annie, Talia and Nick. The middles and first names are a nod to there Russian heritage but the first names fit in more in Australia. My best friend has a cousin named Heidi Francesca. My sister was considering Adelaide Angel for her daughter but chose Elizabeth Anne a sister to Catherine Marie. My great grandma is Adele and my grandma is Angelique. They decided to go more classic. My cousin is Bianca Ratu Sari and was adopted from Indonesia her original name was Ratu Sari so they added my aunts favourite name Bianca.

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