FORD, FAITH, & FLYNN (f names)

Are F names the next big thing?  Finn and his cohorts (Finley – for both sexes) & Finnegan) are climbing up the popularity charts.  Owen Wilson’s Ford Linton , Robert Ford, Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban’s Faith Margaret, and now Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr’s baby boy  Flynn were announced this week making F the most popular letter in Hollywood, at least for the moment. 

F names spotted in birth announcements

Faith Dakota

Falcoln Rei

Fallon Isabel

Falyn Marie

Fawn Brooklynn

Fay Marie  

Fayden Michael

Faye Kathleen

Fearn Elizabeth

Felicity Jacque

Felipe Nicolas  

Felix John Joseph

Femke Michelle

Fenton James 

Ferdinand Archibald Spier

Fergus Samuel

Ffion Rose  

Finn Aloysius

Finn May

Finlay Adam

Finlay Eva

Finley Troy

Fiona Ollie

Fioria Jane

Fischer Hamilton

Fisher Eben

Flavio Jack

Fletcher Craig

Fleur Isabella

Floella Helen

Flora Plum

Florence Louise

Flynn Coventry

Forest Henry

Fox Huxley

Frances Emma

Francesca Gigi

Francesco Domencio

Franco Stephen

Frank Earnest

Frankie Christina

Frankie Zach 

Fraser Max

Freddie Elvis

Freya Keehn 

Fynn Alistair

What is your favorite ‘F’ name? 

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7 Responses to FORD, FAITH, & FLYNN (f names)

  1. Andre says:

    Not a huge fan of F names to be honest.

    My favorites are Finley for a boy, and Farrah for a girl.

  2. Andre says:

    Some weird choices in that list, from Falcoln, Fallon, Fayden, Femke, Fenton, Ffion (wth?), Floella.

    Fox and Forest are interesting.

    I hope Finn May is a boy, its bad enough there are girls Finley around.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    I don’t like a lot of F names, because more often than not they’re modern. However, off this list, I like:
    Fay Marie
    Faye Kathleen
    Felix John Joseph
    Ferdinand Archibald Spier
    Fleur Isabella
    Flora Plum – adorable!
    Florence Louise – Florence is an all-time favorite of mine.
    Forest Henry – prefer Forrest Henry
    Frances Emma
    Francesca Gigi
    Francesco Domencio – prefer Francesco Domenico
    Frank Earnest – prefer Francis Ernest, nn Frank

    I’m tired of seeing girls named Finley/Finlay. When will people realize that boys’ names are not good on girls?!

    Could you please specify which names are American?

    • Names4Real says:

      These are the ones from the U.S.

      Faith Dakota
      Falcoln Rei
      Fallon Isabel
      Falyn Marie
      Fay Marie
      Fayden Michael
      Felicity Jacque
      Finn May
      Finley Troy
      Frances Emma
      Frankie Christina

  4. Sophia says:

    Owen Wilson’s son is actually named Robert Ford, just saying. But apart from that, good post! My favourite F names are Finley for boys and Florence and Frances (Frankie for short) for girls. I actually don’t mind Finn on a girl, it’s pretty cute.

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