I have got to check out what is happening in Ireland more often.  There are a lot of gems here.   Love Juno Mary, Maeve Ciara, & Grace Marlow.  What are your favorites?

Peaches Matilda – adorable or horrible?  I’m going with daring,  but I bet by the time Peaches is seven, she’ll wish her parents would have gone with Matilda Peaches.

Check out Miss Zoe’s name.  Not only does she have three middle names, but check out what the last ones are.   I’m sure there’s a story there.    

I’m off now to google how to pronounce Alaoise and Aoibhinn.  Enjoy!

  • Alanah Phylomena (Andrew)
  • Alaoise Mary
  • Ali Ona
  • Anna Colette (Charlie)
  • Aoibhinn Tess
  • Belle Elise (Eden)
  • Charles Milo Oscar
  • Cillian Morgan
  • Conor Henry
  • Elsa Isabelle
  • Grace Marlow (Luke)
  • Juno Mary (Lily Georgina)
  • Kaia Amy
  • Lainey Iseult (Imogen) 
  • Líle Maria (Sam)
  • Lochlainn Rían (Senan)
  • Maeve Ciara
  • Mingus Patrick (Markus & Lukas)
  • Oisín Jeremiah
  • Peaches Matilda (Scarlet)
  • Pierce McCoy (Dan & Dermot)
  • Róisín Sophia
  • Rory Noah (Zach)
  • Sebastian Reuben (Caleb & Geoffrey)
  • Serena Louise (Morty Magnus)
  • Sonny Brendan Murphy
  • Susan Kate Eliza (Fionn & Graínne)
  • Sybil Lind (James)
  • Zoe Gabriela Scarlet Fire
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2 Responses to PEACHES MATILDA (Ireland)

  1. Sophia says:

    I love:
    Belle Elise- I rarely hear Belle as a first name and I think it’s lovely.
    Elsa Isabelle- I’m not particularly a fan of Elsa usually but this combination is really sweet.
    Juno Mary- I absolutely love Juno! This sibling combination (with Lily Georgina) reminds me of my neighbours who recently named their second daughter Neko, the first one is called Ruby.
    Peaches Matilda- Even though it could easily wear out once she leaves the “cute” stage of life, I’ve always loved the name Peaches, and Matilda is a favourite too.
    Serena Louise- It sounds so elegant and calm.
    Susan Kate Eliza- Cute!

  2. Names4Real says:

    I love Belle too, I just don’t love it with Elise, which is why I didn’t add it to my favorites.

    Yeah, their styles seemed to have changed with time with Ruby & Neko and Lily & Juno, but I’m a big believer in using the names you love even if they don’t necessarily match their siblings.

    Thanks for commenting! I’m beginning to think I’ve named everybody out with all these posts cause I’m not getting as many comments as I used to. Maybe I should cut back. 🙂

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