AGATHA & LULA (London)

Agatha Appoline

Agnes Alexandra

Archibald Robert David, brother for Beatrice

Beatrice Alice Kingsley, sister for Poppy & William

Camilla Isbister

Caspar William Sidney

Charlotte Venetia

Clementine Millie

Daisy Emmanuelle Florence, sister for Isabella & Max

Davina Elissa Maria 

Eilidh Anne Muir

Emmanuel Thomas Spencer

Elodie Theadora

Eva Bea

Felix Patrick Barnaby, brother for Oscar & William

Francesca Sarah

George Brewster

Georgiana Delyth

Grainne Caitlin

Greta Emily

Henrietta Molly

Imogen Eloise

Indi Jasmine

Isis Zara

Jemima Emily Alexandra, sister for Tabitha & Barnaby

Leone Victor

Lula Seeley

Madeleine Lucia Charlton, sister for Eleanor & Claudia

Matthew Christopher Tiberius

Oliver Michael Law

Oscar Gwyn Imray

Patrick Robert John, brother for Wilfrid, Humphrey, & Mary

Poppy Cecilia

Remy Beatrice

Reuben Sinclair

Rose Catherina

Tom Jeremy

Tristan Xavier

Woody George David

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  1. Ali says:

    Hello I was wondering if you would like to do a link exchange. I have already your site on mines. If you don’t want to do one I’ll simply just take it out. Can you make it to ‘(Cool) Baby Names’. Anyway thanks if you want to link exchange with me, take care :)_

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