Aarys Dewayne

Alec’Joel Jonathan

Aleigha Carrera  

Aliza Bea

Bowen Blake

Brisa Elise

Brogan Quinn

Calliana Grace

Casen Heath 

Courtlyn Janae

Devenney Drew

Drake Currie

Ella Corrine

Emmy Harper

Gavyn Mattox

Geraldlie Sinara

Harley Chane (boy)

Holton Taylor

Jem Isaiah

Jake Blade

Jameson Arthur

Keith Lloyd

Kira Simone

Landon Slade

Laniah Nevaeh

Layla Vaughn

Macelyn Elizabeth

Magdalyn Nicole

Mar’johnn Clarence

Marielle Summer

Nathius Don

Nyre R. (boy)

Owen Landry

Peyton Pierce

Phara Grace

Raleigh Annabel

Reese Eden

Rosa Elia

Saoirse Rose

Scarlett Abigail

Seth Axton

Spencer Liam

Tenley Brooke

Theodore Franklyn

Tripp Channing

Tucker Avery

Uriel Ryan

Vance Marshal

Wesley Kai

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4 Responses to AARYS & JEM

  1. appellationmountain says:

    Emmy Harper is sweet, though I’m not much of a fan of nickname names.

    Devenney and Geraldlie are interesting.

    Wonder if Bowen’s parents were inspired by the Brees’ new son, or irritated by having their name “stolen”?

  2. Sophia says:

    Where are these names from?? So many of them aren’t even names. Seriously, Aarys, Alec’Joel (apostrophes in names are…horrible), Aleigha, Brisa, Brogan (seriously bad, sounds like Bogan. There’s actually a girl at my school called Brogan and I will never understand), Casen, Courtlyn, Devenney, Geraldlie, Holton, Laniah, Macelyn, Mar’johnn (again with the apostrophes!), Nathius, Nyre and Phara? As well as the misspelt ones like Aliza, Gavyn and Magdalyn.

    But you know what, I really like Emmy Harper, Jem Isaiah, Marielle Summer, Raleigh Annabel, Saoirse Rose, Scarlett Abigail and Wesley Kai.

    • Names4Real says:

      Sunday’s birth announcements come from all over the U.S. I used to skip over names that were spelled uniquely or with apostrophes, but I feel like it’s a better representation of what is going on out there in the naming world so I started to include them (occassionally). Sometimes I look up a name that I’m not familiar with and find something about them. Very few names come out of nowhere. On some of the ones you listed, I found out these . . .

      Brisa: Is a popular name for Latino families, means ‘beloved” It actually charts in the U.S. at #629.
      Brogan: Is an Irish name meaning “small shoe”. Not a good meaning, but some parents may like it as a substitute for the popular Logan. It also charts.
      Nathius: A last name used as a first name and google found a few people with it as a first name.
      Laniah: A German name that means Noble.
      Nyre: Is the Danish word for kidney. These parents should have googled it. 🙂

      You picked my favorites from the list with Emmy Harper and Scarlett Abigail. I also love Jem Isaiah – I’m a To Kill a Mockingbird Fan.

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