MAIR & TACITA (London)

Anais Pearl

Angus James Barnabas

Arran Jeevan Jude

Arthur Francis Cosmo

Atticus Jon

Beatrix Catherine

Carlotta Lucie

Charles Ferdinand

Clementine Freda, sister to Evie

Edward Enrico, brother to Charlie

Eloise Victoria

Emilia Ruby Henriette

Eve Nancy

Felix Francis William, brother for Freya

Florence Louise Sarah, sister for Arabella

Georgina Elizabeth Helen 

Hamish Gordon Christopher, a brother for Isabella & Emily

Harry William Roy

Henry Griffith

Hugo Atticus

Ignacio Patrick Joseph, brother for Margo

Imogen Katie, sister to Fergus Freddie 

Isabella Malley

Jack Sebastian Dare

Jemima Annabel

Lola Barbara, sister to Richard John David

Louis Charles Digby

Mair Annie Samantha

Mariella Celia Talbot

Oliver Ian Duncan

Oscar Mark Samuel

Ottilie India, sister for Hermione & Freya

Ralph Leon Wyldbore

Romain Louis Henri, brother for Mathilde & Clemence 

Tabitha Catharina

Tacita Margot

Talulah Isabel

Veronika Jitka

Zahra Elizabeth

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2 Responses to MAIR & TACITA (London)

  1. appellationmountain says:

    Tacita! That’s fabulous.

    But then, there are always some gems in the UK BAs. Fergus Freddie and Imogen Katie seem very English. Ditto Ralph Leon Wyldbore.

    Great list!

  2. Sophia says:

    Ooh, I like how you’ve included the siblings’ names! It’s really interesting to see the sibsets, especially in British birth announcements as I have always thought they consistently give their children the best names. Evie and Clementine Freda, for example are gorgeous, and Arabella and Florence are beautiful!

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