Angela Patricia

Azalee Pearl

Benjamin Dawson

Bode Evan

Bruno Alexander

Carly Christine

Charles Carson

Dahlia Phoenix Elizabeth

Erin Paisley

Gianna Grace

Graham Hollis

Henry Burton

Jack Washington

Jasper Reed

Jonah James

Kearah Odette

Kyce Gregory

Leeland Raymond

Lydia Cameron

Madeleine Kent

Mae Myers

Maynard Joseph Robert

Miller Carson

Neven Richard

Peyton Sheridan

Reed Odilon

Roy Cooper

Sawyer Grace 

Scarlett Sullivan

Sofia Danielle

Stella Kiernan

Truitt Gideon

Wilkira Lenise

William Declan

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3 Responses to AZALEE & TRUITT

  1. Sebastiane says:

    I love these:

    Bruno Alexander
    Dahlia Phoenix Elizabeth
    Gianna Grace

  2. Sophie says:

    Azalee is interesting. A respelling of the French Azelie, I suppose.

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