JUDY & BRYAR (North Dakota)

Atticus Drei

Berkley Jo

Blaire Rose

Bodi Chase

Braxton Bauer

Brooke Flynn

Bryar Reed

Cale Bradley

Chaztin Travis

Clara Ruth

Cooper Lennon

Cora Olivia

Elleanor Luella

Finnley Reed   

Ginger Lynn

Isysis Hayden

Ivy Debra

James Tobias

Judy Ellen  

Lucy Margaret

Madden Wesley

Mason George

Mazie Theresa

Nolan Micah  

Payden Henry

Quinn Lillian   

Rockie Anne

Sheldon Jesse

SiddaLee Nichole Rose

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2 Responses to JUDY & BRYAR (North Dakota)

  1. Sebastiane says:

    I like these:

    Atticus Drei
    Clara Ruth
    Cora Olivia
    Elleanor Luella
    Ginger Lynn
    Ivy Debra
    Lucy Margaret

  2. Alla-Claire says:

    I like
    Atticus Drei

    Blaire Rose [Though I prefer the very similar Briar Rose]
    Clara Ruth

    SiddaLee Nichole Rose [Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood]

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