LUNA-HAZEL (Montana)

Abigail Calloway

Alaya Katrina

Anabella Roselaine

Anna Bronwyn

Bailey Ilenea

Bella Madori

Brently Beau Hunter

Caroline Austen

Charlie Victoria

Charlotte Samantha

Diego James

Ekko Jean (Echo?)

Elaine Shiloh

Eleanor Katherine

Eliana Trinity  

Ephraim Alan

Ethan Bently

Hayden Axle-Alden

Hudson Blake

Ilianie Marie

Jerrilee Ann

Jilly Rose Butterfly

Kale David

Kiva John

Liam Cole Cash

London Lee Imani

Luca James


Malia Harmony

Memphis Collin

Phinehas Isaiah

Tate Thomas 

Vivian Bree

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2 Responses to LUNA-HAZEL (Montana)

  1. Sebastiane says:

    These are quite lovely:

    Anabella Roselaine-gp
    Anna Bronwyn-wouldd’ve been nicer as Anna Bronwen
    Charlotte Samantha-very Sex and the City but I still like the flow of this combo
    Diego James
    Eleanor Katherine-lovely
    Ephraim Alan
    Jilly Rose Butterfly-I kinda like this, even if it does sound like the name of a fairy
    Luca James
    Memphis Collin-gp
    Vivian Bree

  2. Alla says:

    I am keeping a list and Luna-Hazel, to me, fits in the same class as Neve Isla Sparrow and Bette Mabel
    I think these types of names are absolutely beautiful, but the naming style is still my second or third choice.

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