Frances currently ranks at #802, but I see her used more as a middle name than a first.   Do you like the name Frances?

  • Frances Clare
  • Frances Elizabeth
  • Frances Josephine
  • Frances Kennedy
  • Frances Lauren
  • Frances Patricia
  • Frances Rose
  • Frances Susan

In the Middle

  • Agatha Frances
  • Angelise Frances
  • Ariel Frances
  • Audrey Frances
  • Avery Frances
  • Ella Frances
  • Ellery Frances
  • Emerson Frances
  • Enya Frances
  • Erica Frances
  • Eve Sofia Frances
  • Freya Frances May
  • Georgia Frances Mary  
  • Gretta Frances
  • Imogen Frances
  • Isla Frances 
  • Keely Frances
  • Lara Florence Frances
  • Lucy Frances 
  • Maeve Frances
  • May Frances
  • Maya Frances
  • Rylee Frances
  • Scarlett Helen Frances
  • Tabitha Frances
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4 Responses to FRANCES

  1. Suzanne says:

    I think it’s a great middle name. The nickname “Frankie” is also adorable & would be super cute on a little girl.

  2. Sophia says:

    I love the name Frances, as a first name or a middle name, and as it is or with the nickname Frankie. I know a Frances Lily, who’s four, and a Frances Aileen, who’s about twenty. Both of them go by just Frances. And my little sister is Olive Frances 🙂

  3. Sebastiane says:

    I love these:

    Frances Josephine

    Agatha Frances
    Angelise Frances
    Ella Frances
    Ellery Frances
    Emerson Frances
    Enya Frances
    Eve Sofia Frances
    Georgia Frances Mary
    Imogen Frances
    Isla Frances
    Lucy Frances
    Scarlett Helen Frances

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