Which spelling do you prefer?  Alan or Allen?

  • Avery Alan
  • Bowan Alan
  • Brenner Allen
  • Bretton Alan
  • Broderick Allen
  • Brodie Alan
  • Cashius Allen
  • Chaz Allen
  • Chevy Allen
  • Clayton Allen
  • Corbin Alan Thomas
  • Darius Allen
  • Degan Allen
  • Draven Allen
  • Elliot Allen
  • Franklin Allen
  • Garrett Allen
  • Grant Alan
  • Gregory Allen Cole
  • Hank Allen
  • Holden Alan
  • Jameson Alan Lee
  • Johans Allen
  • Jonas Allen
  • Keiser Allen
  • Kohen Alan
  • Lane Allen
  • Lybrook Alan
  • Mack Allen
  • Nico Alan
  • Olen Allen
  • Oliver Allen
  • Oscar Allen
  • Revan Allen
  • Rocco Alan
  • Roisten Allen
  • Ryder Allen
  • Sawyer Allen
  • Thaddeus Allen
  • Ty Allen
  • Warner Allen
  • Wendell Allen
  • Whalen Allen
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3 Responses to ALAN or ALLEN

  1. Kayt says:

    Alan, as that’s my dad’s middle name. Brett Alan. If we ever have a second boy, his middle name will either be Alan or my maiden name, depending on which sounds better.

  2. englishamerican says:

    I prefer Alan – as I’ve met more boys / men with that spelling.
    Allen is a last name to me, having known someone with that last name growing up.

  3. Dearest says:

    Allan? I always liked the two A’s in Alan, but the single L looks lonely to me…
    It’s not right, but Allan would be my favourite spelling if it were used…

    Alan is second favourite… ^^

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