ANELA & KAINE (Hawaii)

Adam Analu Andrew

Anela Amber-Rose

Cashez Zeke

Devin Lopaka (boy)

Dezmen Kekoa O Ke Kai

Elysa Kaleikaumaka

Emily Elizabeth Emiko

Emmett Darren  

Harley-Jade Loriana

Hazelyn Leona Hulalalileimomi

Irieashaa Shalay  

Judyan Joyous

Kaedrie Kala’i (girl)

Kaine Joshua Kehau

Kaleiikauaiikawekiu Wayne

Kamree Melia  

Kelly Michael (girl)

Konane Yoshio Kealoha (boy)

Landon-Riley Ke’anokulani Kaai

Leila Nani Ku’uipo

Levi Rodney Keanini

Liko Kupaianaha (boy)

Mali’u La’ahua Mae

Nakana Anderson (boy)

Pasefika Jirah (girl)

Skyahnaht Min (boy)

Taj Marley Kaikoo (boy) 

Tracey Tamiko (boy)

Xander-Aukai Aikue-Lee

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4 Responses to ANELA & KAINE (Hawaii)

  1. Sebastiane says:

    Kelly Michael is just plain awful on a girl, sorry 😦

    I did like these:

    Anela Amber-Rose
    Emily Elizabeth Emiko-love traditional English name meets traditional Japanese name, very cool combination!
    Hazelyn Leona Hulalalileimomi-GP
    Konane Yoshio Kealoha
    Liko Kupaianaha-Liko is cute
    Taj Marley Kaikoo-GP
    Tracey Tamiko-love seeing Tracey on a boy 😉

  2. JNE says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but do you thing Emily Elizabeth’s parents are aware of Clifford?

    “Hi, I’m Emily Elizabeth and this is my big, red dog, Clifford!”

    • Names4Real says:

      I thought of Clifford’s Emily Elizabeth when I saw the name (thanks to my nephews, I know who she is), but if they are first time parents, they might not have a clue or maybe that’s where they got the name. 🙂

  3. JD says:

    I am part Hawaiian and always enjoy seeing Hawaiian names. I know it’s very common but Hawaiian names paired with English names is a hit and miss for me. Landon-Riley Ke’anokulani Kaai (also Kaai? I know Kai, but Kaai I never heard before) and Elysa Kaleikaumaka just don’t work for me. But somehow Leila Nani Ku’uipo and Kaine Joshua Kehau do.

    I do like Mali’u La’ahua, but the addition of Mae spoils the whole name for me. I cannot tell you why and Mae might actually have a certain significance for her parents but I just prefer plain Mali’u La’ahua.

    Kaleiikauaiikawekiu Wayne is brave…and somewhat cruel. It worked in ancient Hawaii but nowadays simply Kalei and make the rest of it a middle name might have been better.

    And Dezmen? Sorry, but yuck.

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