Alice Louise

Amelia Jo

Asher West    

Azalee Charlotte

Benjamin Monroe

Bridgette Margaret

Carlie Michael

Cash Bowen

Clarista Noelle

Dallas Timothy  

Daphne Olivia

Daylynn Grace

Devon Apollo

Eli Trace

Emma Jewel

Jackson Reid

Jasleen Danae

Jolie Michaela

Joseph Jennings

Josephine Iris

Kate Aspen 

Logan Jennings  

Manissa Avery

Mark Harrison

Mason Perry  

Maxx Connor

Poppy Ann

Ruby Jacqueline

Samuel Medlin

Selah Jane

Senya Garrison (girl)

Seraphina Mia

Sutton James

Taylor Jackson

Thomas Colt

Walker Kelly

Weston Brady

Zachary Frederick

Zane Walker    

  •  Birth announcements from Georgia
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3 Responses to AZALEE & DEVON

  1. JNE says:

    I like Daphne Olivia, but hork on the double x Maxx – that’s a product branding spelling 😛

  2. Whitney Gigandet says:

    I love Daphne Olivia, Jolie Michaela, Josephine Iris, Kate Aspen and Ruby Jacqueline! Zane Walker is pure cowboy, and I love it. I admit that I like the sound of Daylynn, though I would spell it Daylyn.

  3. Alycia says:

    My son will be called Devon

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