Addilyn Blair

Ashby Davis

Audra Karen  

Beau Everett

Benjamin Statler

Beverly Ann

Bianca Storm   

Carson Brent

Celia Kate

Colbin Noah

Cole Hudson

Courtney Simone

Dahlia Lillian Ruth

Daisy Jasmine

Dawson Wheeler

Elizabeth Cherry

Elliot Bryson   

Emory Laurel

Eva Lucia

Gia Alessandra

Grayson Knight

Haley Ubella

Harper Ruth

Harrison Mick

Heath Morgan

Imani Rose

Jack Parker

Jackson Ira

John Collier

Julia Darlene

Julianne Noel

Kaylor June

Kyler Skye (boy)

Landon Shea

Laura Morgan

Lennon Jeffrey

Lucy Cardyn 

Lyric Giselle

Mary Jo

Norah Magnolia

Nylah Devyn

Paulina Lara

Piper Reese

Shiloh Grace 

Tad Allen  

Wade Garrett

Wallace Brown

Whitt Robert

William Parks

Zoey Morgan

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4 Responses to ASHBY & ADDILYN

  1. Filipa says:

    Eva Lucia is really nice!
    In my country, Lucia is usually preceded by Vera, because Vera Lucia means “true light” in Latin.

  2. Madyson says:

    Beverly Anne is nice. Beverly Ana is on my own list.

    I love Daisy but Daisy Jasmine is a little over the top.

    Eva Lucia is beautiful. I really like Harper Ruth too.

    Beau Everett is cool

  3. babynamelover says:

    I Like Norah Magnolia & Shiloh Grace

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