• Alastair Ross
  • Angus Jethro
  • Arran Harvey
  • Asha Jessica Margaret  
  • Blake Irving
  • Callin Roy
  • Cecilia Rose 
  • Eilidh Anna
  • Eve Christina
  • Fergus Duncan Thomas
  • Grant Louis
  • Hannah Niamh
  • Hamish Charlie
  • Harvey John
  • Isla Roma Evelien
  • Kacey Louise
  • Kayla Jen
  • Kirsty Anne-Marie
  • Lanah Rose
  • Louisa Anna 
  • Luke Dean Jackson
  • Lyle Robert
  • Macy Harriet
  • Martha Jessie 
  • Mirren Macpherson
  • Murray James
  • Olivia Adriana
  • Ollie Jack
  • Ornelle Nancy Dominique
  • Poppy Beatrice
  • Rebecca Alice
  • Reece Nathaniel
  • Toby Neil
  • Verity Elizabeth
  • Zara Valentine  
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4 Responses to OLLIE & POPPY (SCOTLAND)

  1. Bree says:

    Angus Jethro – This is pretty darn awesome.
    Cecilia Rose – Beautiful.
    Fergus Duncan Thomas – This is cool.
    Hamish Charlie – Awesome.
    Harvey John – Cool.
    Martha Jessie – I find this endearing.
    Mirren Macpherson – This is interesting.
    Murray James – Aw.
    Ollie Jack – Cute.
    Ornelle Nancy Dominique – This is different.
    Poppy Beatrice – I would probably have prefered Beatrice Poppy but this is just as nice.
    Verity Elizabeth – Very pretty.

  2. Sophia says:

    Does anyone know how to pronounce Eilidh? I always imagine it pronounced like eyelid, but I can’t picture anyone naming their child that….

  3. babynamelover says:

    Fergus Duncan Thomas is gorgeous!
    Poppy Beatrice & Toby Neil are lovely too.

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