• Abram Michael
  • Aidan Charles Harlow
  • Austin Leslie 
  • Carter William
  • Charles Grady
  • Charlotte James 
  • Coleman Lee
  • Darla Michele Dawn
  • Delilah Jane
  • Donovan Blake
  • Elliot Reed
  • Gage Oliver
  • Georgia Pearl   
  • Gunner Thor
  • Gwyneth Ryan   
  • Halie Constance
  • Hazel Wren
  • Jamie-Lynn Christine
  • Jeremy Conor
  • Joseph Vaughn   
  • Kelsey Annabelle
  • Kenzie Lauren Welsh
  • Lily Alaina   
  • Lilian Dorothy
  • Lucia Amy
  • Lydia Frances
  • Madeline Paris 
  • Maryn Grace
  • Oliver Finn
  • Parker Warren
  • Pierson William Lee
  • Rachel Eleanor  
  • Reese Mary Ellen
  • Remington Hunter
  • Rylan Wade
  • Sage Frances  
  • Sarah Florence
  • Talli Breck
  • Teigan Davis
  • Tieran Hunter    
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6 Responses to LUCIA & ABRAM

  1. Sophia says:

    Hazel Wren and Sage Frances are both just gorgeous! Wren is my favourite name at the moment, and I’ve always loved Frances, Sage and Hazel.
    Delilah Jane, Elliot Reed, Oliver Finn and Remington Hunter are cute too 🙂

  2. Madyson says:

    I adore Abram!!!

    Delilah Jane, Georgia Pearl, Hazel Wren, and Lydia Frances are all lovely!

  3. babynamelover says:

    Abram Michael, Elliot Reed, Jeremy Conor are nice.
    Hazel Wren, Madeline Paris, Delilah Jane are lovely.

  4. Rebecca says:

    I have a Gunner Thor!! He was born April 15.

  5. kash729 says:

    One of mt friends has a daughter named Georgia Pearl! She’s 4 and she’s adorable 🙂

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