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4 Responses to NAME OF THE DAY 2/25

  1. JNE says:

    Sorry, but Clovis is on my personal ‘no [insert emphatic word here] way’ list… and that’s on a boy… with a C. Changing the C to a K and lumping the name on a girl does absolutely nothing to change my mind… Pair it with Michael and I’m left wondering, do these parents realize which genitalia their little one came with?

  2. Sara says:

    I housesat for an elderly, overweight, panting pug named “Clovis,” & unfortunately that is how I will forever associate that name. There is a possibility that I may have liked it…but definitely on a boy, & certainly with a “C.”

  3. Madyson says:

    Too bad.

    Clovis Michael would have been a really cool name on a boy.

    I must admit that Clover is a bit of a guilty pleasure for girls though.

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