• Ainsley Taylor
  • Ariella Coralie
  • Calla Wray
  • Claire Helen
  • Ivy Rain
  • Juliet Elizabeth
  • Kallista Carol
  • Lorelei Katarina
  • Lucille Caroline
  • Natasha Laura
  • Paisley Anne
  • Piper Starr
  • Reese Whitney
  • Roberta Jane
  • Romy Suzanne
  • Rosemary Blair
  • Sunny Louise
  • Sydney Lux
  • Tatum Danielle
  • Theodora Jessie
  • Victoria Annastasia
  • Viviane Adele
  • Willa Katherine
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6 Responses to IT’S A GIRL!

  1. Dearest says:

    Ivy Rain, Roberta Jane, Sunny Louise and Willa Katherine are all lovely!
    Roberta Jane in particular is so refreshing to see! 🙂

  2. Kaisa says:

    Oh, I tend to pick out girl names as my favourites from all the lists I see anyway, so it is good to see a list of all girls 😀
    I am particularly fond of Ainsley Taylor, Claire Helen, Piper Starr, Rosemary Blair and Willa Katherine.

  3. Tatum says:

    Third Tatum i’ve seen on here LOVE IT

    I also LOVE LOVE Romy

  4. Bree says:

    Ariella Coralie – Very pretty.
    Calla Wray – Calla is beautiful but Wray is…strange.
    Claire Helen – Clara Helen would have better flow I think.
    Juliet Elizabeth – How beautiful and classic!
    Piper Starr – Um…stripper much?
    Roberta Jane – How refreshing and beautiful!
    Rosemary Blair – I normally dislike Blair but it’s lovely here.
    Viviane Adele – How gorgeous!
    Willa Katherine – Lovely but it reminds me of Willa Cather.

  5. babynamelover says:

    Willa Katherine is beautiful

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