• Afton Christina
  • Agnes Giavonna
  • Asher Henry
  • Baxter Damian
  • Bella Monet
  • Chase Presley
  • Dara Anne
  • Eli Arden
  • Gavin Montgomery
  • Gus Larsen
  • Hope Montana
  • Jack Emerson
  • James Hardy
  • Josephine Jane
  • Kade Fox
  • Kai Tristan
  • Kassidy Aurora
  • Kento Michael
  • Larissa Mae
  • Maisie Makenna
  • Mayme Grace
  • Nicole Blanche
  • Ollie Todd
  • Oskar Hudson
  • Phoebe Jolinda
  • Phoenix Sebastian
  • Silas Morgan
  • Zander Henry

* Birth Announcements from Alaska.

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7 Responses to AGNES & MAYME

  1. Dearest says:

    Eli Arden, Asher Henry and Silas Morgan in particular are wonderfully named boys!!
    I recently fell in love with Silas after reading Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’ 🙂 Such an awesome name!
    Bella Monet is also quite nice, and Blanche in the middle is a nice change!

    • Kaisa says:

      Those three boy names are my favourites as well! 😛 I also like Tristan and Phoebe Jolinda (the middle name is an absolute joy).

    • Names4Real says:

      Silas is new to my list too. I fell in love with it after I met a 3 year old named Silas. It fits him perfectly. 🙂

  2. UrbanAngel says:

    I like these

    Asher Henry
    Baxter Damian
    Bella Monet
    Chase Presley
    Eli Arden really like
    Hope Montana
    Kade Fox really like
    Kai Tristan really like
    Larissa Mae
    Phoenix Sebastian
    Zander Henry

  3. Madyson says:

    Silas Morgan is a gorgeous combo!! I love both name individually

  4. silverwolf says:

    Silas Morgan is really handsome for a little boy, and I kinda like Hope Montana. I just love reading the Alaska baby names!!!!

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