Luella Hummingbird

  • Anabelle Charleen
  • Anaya Malia
  • Anna Marina
  • Brianna Leina’ala
  • Charlie Olina
  • Cullen Farrell Naaikauna
  • Dayton Zhane 
  • Devon Kieko  
  • Divine Dolores
  • Jayla Kahiwalani
  • Jaylee Makanani
  • Joe Ioanes
  • Kain Kamanao
  • Kirah-Lei Marie
  • Lloyd Morse  
  • Luella Hummingbird
  • Macayla Breeze  
  • Makai Ali  
  • Marley Alana
  • Noah Ikaika
  • Paxton Frederick
  • Riker John-Walt
  • Savannah Kaleihoku Willow
  • Saydie Taimane Ole
  • Serenitie Kohana
  • Stella Kehaulani
  • Teyah Jade
  • Trent Akoni Ikaika
  • Triana Angel-Lee
  • Tristin Taiga   
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5 Responses to Luella Hummingbird

  1. appellationmountain says:

    Luella Humingbird! Wow, that’s a cool name.

  2. Kaisa says:

    I really like Marley Alana and Stella Kehaulani (means “dew of heaven”, just gorgeous). And I would appreciate Serenitie Kohana if it was spelled Serenity.

  3. Dearest says:

    Luella Hummingbird is AWESOME!
    I wonder why we use Wren, Birdie, Honey, Amethyst, Rosebud, Loveday, Winsome, Clover and company and leave out awesome names like Hummingbird, a name I would be proud to carry!! (as a middle name, mind you…)

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