• Aidan Xavier
  • Amelie Josephine
  • Aurora Victoria  
  • Bennett True  
  • Bryer Allen-Ross
  • Carlyn Kathleen  
  • Connor Jensen
  • Daisy Lynn 
  • Dane Warren
  • Dean Holden
  • Draeden Trae
  • Francesca Rae
  • Harper Gracelyn
  • Helen Grace    
  • Henry Steven
  • Jess Matthew
  • Liana Michelle
  • Lucian Drake
  • Lynette Natalie
  • Maddox Ross
  • Maylen Alexa
  • Nola Sunday
  • Nora Alice Lee
  • Otis Treyton
  • Shila Nicole 
  • Tayla Marie
  • Teagan Olivia
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7 Responses to WASHINGTON

  1. appellationmountain says:

    Some great names! Nola Sunday is surprising, isn’t it? And I love seeing Lucian.

  2. Names4Real says:

    I love Nola Sunday. 🙂

  3. Kaisa says:

    Amelie Josephine, Aurora Victoria, Dean Holden (love the middle name!), Francesca Rae, Lucian Drake and Nora Alice Lee are just gorgeous names. Harper is also a good name in my book but not Gracelyn, the -lyn is very unnecessary. Harper Grace would’ve been a lot better.

  4. babynamelover says:

    Bryer on a boy ? like Briar?

    Lucian I love!
    Nola too!
    oh and Nora!!

    Otis Treyton is pretty cool

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